We will be using the ITC COC which can be found HERE with the following amendments.


TIME (This is still in BETA testing let us know your feedback)

- Pre match will have 15 minutes on the timer. This time will be broken up into 3 parts.

-Part 1: Each player will go over lists, stratagems, psychic powers, relics and warlord traits with each other. Then the players will determine the deployment zone and secondaries and who will go first following the PTT deployment rules. This part will allow a total of 5 minutes.

-Part 2: The player that is going first will deploy their whole army and will have 5 minutes to do so.

-Part 3: The player that is going second will deploy their whole army and will have 5 minutes to do so.

- A game will last 2 hours and 40 minutes with a 5 minute half time after battle round 3.


- All lists should be submitted through BCP and we will NOT require a paper copy beyond that. The format should be set to minimal or text output.

- All lists are due on Friday November 1st.


Stratagems/ Abilities

- All players must have cards to represent these and to show the opponent in the pre match time slot.



- Anytime there is an issue it should be posted into the DISCORD for a ref to come to the table

- What ever the refs final decision is will be posted in the discord for tracking purposes.



- If a yellow card is given to anyone then a ref will be assigned to you to make sure there is no further issues.



- While on stream you will be micd up so you will need to watch your language even more than you usually would.

- At any time you can be asked to do an interview so we ask that you cooperate with our broadcast talent to do so.

- If a broadcast talent has a question for you while playing they may ask it to you so long as it is not your turn.



Quitting may impact your ability to attend the next Pro TableTop Event. The event allows anyone to make it to the championship bracket based on battle points so anytime there is not a full match of equal caliber not only are yourself but others results are affected as well. If there is an emergency please contact a ref. Do NOT quit early if you can avoid it as it makes pairings, brackets, and more very difficult on organizers.