All players must have cards to represent the strategems and psychic powers.

All players will have to show each other all cards and lists prior to the game starting and ask any questions they want.

Lists will be in the BCP app for easy viewing by all players for games and submission of games will be done through the BCP app.

If there is any type of discrepancy the players should post the issue in the PTT discord for a ref to see and come solve the issue.

After turn 3 there will be a mandatory 5 minute half time for players

Pre-Game consists of 10 minutes (this does NOT include getting to the table).

Game Time set to 3 hours total time or 90 minutes per player.  This WILL include all deployment but will NOT include the pre-game time allotment.

If players are done with deployment and list review early they CAN NOT start the game until instructed by the Organizers.

If a game is a tie when time is up or 6 rounds are completed then, refer to our tie breaker rules to determine the winner.

Every player must bring a chess clock to be used during play. You can also use the official Pro TableTop App.

A ref may actively judge any match they choose to make sure the play is fair and its moving fast.

The boards will have deployment zones and objective placements on them so there will be no need to measure these out.

The boards will have a 1x1 grid on them for ease of movement and seeing how far your opponent is moving each model. This grid is a suggestion and should not be considered accurate.

If a player walks away from the table it should be on their time and nothing on the board should be touched or a ref should be in their place to view the game.

All lists should be submitted through BCP and we will NOT require a paper copy beyond that. The format should be set to minimal or text output.

All lists are due on Friday November 1st.

Codex release cut off is October 5th, 2019.

FAQ cut off is once the fall BIG FAQ releases.

An exception for FAQ can be made if it is resulting in a "must" change for competitive integrity.

Any information in PTT FAQ will be in effect and over rule any FAQ that comes out post cut off date.

Make sure to review the Deployment, COC and time clock amendments.



-If there are is no hard seeds then a D6 will be rolled and the player with the highest result will "act" as the higher seed for the game. (For example: The first day of the event)

-Lower seed bans a deployment.

-Higher seed bans 2 deployments.

-Lower seed picks what deployment out of the remaining deployment zones.

-Players stay on the table side they are on.  Pro Tabletop refers to the higher seed in this case as blue team and lower seed as red team.

-Players roll off to see who goes first.  The player with the highest roll gets to choose if they want to go first or second.

-Whoever deploys first must deploy their entire army.

-The second player then deploy their whole army.-The person going second can choose if they want to roll a D6 to seize.  If they roll a 6, the seize is successful and they go first.



- Each player will total the amount of "POINTS DESTROYED" they have earned during the game to determine the winner

- A unit awards points destroyed based on how much damage it’s taken over the course of the game. A unit completely destroyed gives up points destroyed equal to its cost. A units 50% destroyed or more gives up 50% of its total cost. A unit that is above 50% of its total number of wounds does not award any points destroyed.


*If a unit worth 100 points and it is fully destroyed it is worth 100 points

*If a unit worth 100 points is 50% or more destroyed it is worth 50 points

*If a unit worth 100 points is less than 50% destroyed it is worth 0 points