When does time start?

10 minutes of time starts once the players begin to review armies.

5 minutes of time starts per player once they begin to place their first model.

Game Time set to 3 hours total time or 90 minutes per player.  This WILL include all deployment but will NOT include the pre-game time allotment.

5 minutes of time for halftime will start once scoring is totaled for the end of battle round 3.


When does the game end?

Games end naturally depending on random game length rolls, a predetermined amount of turns, or at the end of a game turn when neither player has GREATER than 5:00 minutes of time left on the clock.


1. Each player is responsible for their own time. It is a player’s right but not their obligation to make sure that their time is being handled properly.

2. In the FIGHT PHASE, starting with the player whose turn it is and following the order of unit selection rules described in the "Choose Unit to Fight With" section of the BRB, a player may always choose to decline rolling to determine the results of their selected unit’s attacks. If the controlling player chooses to save their time in this way, their OPPONENT may decide to damage the unit that declined their attacks so long as they have time remaining on their clock. The amount of damage can range from leaving the unit that declined its attacks unharmed, up to removing all wounds remaining from the declining unit. The decision to decline taking the attacks must be made before any attack rolls are made by the declining unit.

3. Any major rule dispute results in a paused time scenario and should only be paused by a ref. The time is to remain on the current person whos turn it is time until a ref pauses the timer. The clock may only be unpaused by a ref once the dispute has been resolved.

4. If a player’s time runs out, they may not perform any more actions except for those listed below. The only exception is if they are in the middle of moving a unit, they may finish so that the unit is placed legally on the board. As an example, this can include moving a unit in the movement phase, finishing moving a unit into assault (note they will not be able to attack), or consolidating a unit. Any other action is immediately stopped.

5. If a player runs out of time they may only perform the following actions:

a. Making saving throws, and taking a leadership test if required to.

b. Scoring objectives that they have already achieved or already hold.


The most important rule is rule number 1.

This is the most important rule because it puts time in your control, and fairly allocates time while players interact. It is each player's right to pass the time to his opponent whenever they are making an action or spending time making a decision. 

Some examples of this are as follows:

1. You put 20 wounds on a unit containing models with different saving throws. Pass the clock to your opponent so he can make his saving throws in the order that he chooses.

2. Your opponent must make 3 leadership tests. Pass the clock to your opponent while he makes these tests and adjusts the units which fail.

3. You destroy a vehicle and your opponent has a large squad inside that he wants positioned just right. Pass the clock to him while he arranges his models.

4. You do 5 power fist wounds and 5 regular wounds to a unit. Pass the clock to your opponent while he decides what saves to take on which models.

These examples are limited but show the basic concept. You manage your own time and it is up to you to pass the clock. If you burn your own time, it is not your opponent's fault.



10 Min - Pre-Game

3:00 - First Player Deployment

2:50 - Second Player Deployment

2:40 - Begin Round

2:00 - First Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 2

1:20 - Second Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 3

1:00 - Third Battle Round Complete, Begin Halftime

0:55 - Halftime Complete, Begin Round 4

0:35 - Fourth Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 5

0:15 - Fifth Battle Round Complete, Begin Round 6

For clarity, this provides each player with, on average, the following time breakdown for the typical game:

Pre-Game: 5 Minutes

Deploying your actual models: 10 Minutes

Playing your First Turn: 20 Minutes

Playing your Second Turn: 20 Minutes

Playing your Third Turn: 10 Minutes

Halftime: 5 Minutes

Playing your Fourth Turn: 10 Minutes

Playing your Fifth Turn: 10 Minutes

Playing your Sixth Turn: 7.5 Minutes